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Life Coaching FAQs

What are overarching goals for the work you do with life coaching clients?

  • Life organization

  • Overcome hesitations to beginning tasks

  • Foster a positive outlook and attitude

  • Develop effective communication with the people in your life

  • Find your gifts and strengths

  • Explore ways to live a more fulfilling life by identifying and honing positive life-long habits

  • Improve self-understanding

  • Develop skills to become more persistent in achieving your goals

  • Encourage self-advocacy to communicate what is important to you

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How do you determine what skills and habits you will focus on in each

The specific skill or habit we will focus on during the session is contingent upon what's going on for you that week and what things you might need to accomplish that week. We also work on long-term strategies and planning. 

How often do you meet with clients and how long do sessions last?

Generally, I will meet with the client once a week for one hour. How long and how often we meet depends on the individual's needs.

Are your services covered by insurance?

No, insurance does not reimburse for coaching services.

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